MDP Patna, India Visit Dec 5-6, 2009

Master Del Pe, modern sage and miraculous healer visited Patna on 5 and 6 December to conduct a series of seminars on self-mastery for senior representatives from the Patna police, NGOs, leading social organizations and students.

His visit was organized by Media Guru and Advantage Support, under the auspices of his two umbrella organizations, BElife and MDP Foundation. Local support was also provided by the Rotary and Lions Clubs and Radio Mirchi.

On arrival on 5 December, Master Del Pe met with Mr Sushil Kumar Modi, The Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar. He conducted a seminar on “How to be a Transformational Leader” for over 250 post-graduate students from the Advantage Media Academy. This was followed by a well attended Press Conference and a special seminar for senior police officials on “Maximizing Performance and Balancing Your Life”. The latter was attended by the Inspector General of Police and his senior colleagues.

On 6 December, Master Del Pe led a group healing camp of 300 participants, most of whose back pains, joint pains, stress, anxiety etc. disappeared during the session. He produced two miraculous healings in which a Necrosis patient started walking without crutches and a paralyzed patient who had not spoken for 8 years began to chant “Om”. Following these miraculous healings, there was a huge surge of people wanting his blessings. A 70 year old father who has just lost his son (the healing camp was held in his memory), was able to sit through the 2-hour session for the first time without losing his breath> He walked up to the mike to acknowledge that he felt light and relieved and even admitted that before coming to the session, he was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Master Del Pe concluded his visit to Patna with an open lecture for NGOs and social organizations, entitled “Living Your Greatest Life”.

With Mr. S.K. Modi, Deputy Chief Minister, Bihar

Lecturing students at the Advantage Media Academy (AMA) Patna

Blessing secondary school students

With Mr P N Rai, Inspector General of Police, Bihar

Senior Bihar police officials learn stress management techniques

Laughter Therapy

Miracle Healing: Paralyzed patient who had lost his speech for 8 years chanted Om
Miracle healing of patient with Necrosis who started walking without crutches

Healing camp in Patna