700 convicts and 100 Security Personnel trained from Tihar jail

On the invitation of senior prison officials, Master Del Pe recently spent quality time with over 700 convicts and 100 plus Security Personnel in Tihar jail, New Delhi, the largest high security prison complex in South Asia where over 12,000 hard core prisoners are housed.
Keen to convert the inmates into normal members of society, the jail authorities Master Del Pe trained them in stress management techniques to improve their self esteem and improve the quality of their life. Various exercises and life changing tools of MDP were used.

Over 700 prisoners were shown exercises, breathing techniques, meditations, mantric yoga and laughter therapy. Later, in a captivating lecture on ‘Living Your Greatest Life’ Master Del Pe demonstrated practical tools and techniques to maximize performance and beat stress and fatigue to over 100 Prison Security Personnel from various jails in Delhi.

The so called social outcasts were shown a new light and meaning to get into the mainstream and lead a greater life.

Invoking powerful blessings for inmates to eliminate depression

Making the inmmates do his world renowned energizing exercises

Generating high levels of positive energy

Master's healing touch for the hardened convicts of asia's largest prison complex