Can Support Foundation Learns MDPF Stress Management Program

NEW DELHI, India / June 18, 2013 - The MDP Foundation in collaboration with Help Age India gave service to the Administrator and Staff of Can Support Foundation in R.K. Puram. We have been invited by Dr. Ravinder Mohan, the Head of the Knowledge, Training & Research of the organization to visit their headquarter and to train their staff about ways to manage their stress level at work.

Upon hearing positive feedback from the Administrators of Help Age-Kalkaji Center, Dr. Mohan took the opportunity to organize the event and gathered all their staff who are working on the palliative care for people with cancer. 

Sharing information on the importance of Balanced Energy
It was a wonderful time to have met and shared the 'Just BE Alive and Just BE Free Program' to the health care staff consists of doctors and nurses and other health-allied professionals. 

Dr. Mohan shared a brief information about their cause and how stress at work affects the productivity level most especially in projects that requires peak performance.  

The Just BE Free made them feel calm and verbalized inner peace as they go through the 6-step meditation process, while the Just BE Alive made them become more active from the stiffness and some muscle tensions resulting to fatigue. They have become more open and conversant while asking some questions as we go through the demonstration of each exercises. Dr. Mohan verbalized a feeling of different kind of energy that transformed as a result of the program.

Demonstrating the Just BE Alive exercises

As their tagline says "We can not add days to life, but we can add life to days" - the MDPF Programs gave them the inspiration to achieve a balanced health and wellness and to share the message of hope and success and to "Live Your Greatest Life."

Beside me on the right is Dr. Ravinder Mohan and the staff