Senior Citizens Society of Neb Sarai Welcomes MDP Foundation and Learns Stress Management Program

NEW DELHI, India /June 21, 2013 The MDP Foundation in collaboration with Help Age India continues to serve Senior Citizen Associations in Delhi, and this time we have reached Freedom Fighters Enclave in Neb Sarai and have shared practical exercises and breathing techniques through our Just BE Alive Program which promotes fast revitalization and increased energy level. We also shared with them specially designed visualization to regain their life through experiencing a 19-minute Just BE Free meditation. 

Mr. Suresh Palta, the President of the Association, welcomed us and have shown wonderful gestures of Indian hospitality. It was a wonderful time to have shared some youthful energy to the group of Senior Citizens in their 60s and up to mid 80s; and in return it was such a great wisdom to have learned from them upon their sharing of experiences. 

There are psychological concerns like loneliness and boredom which occur due to isolation from family, children living abroad, economic uncertainty (majority are dependent on monthly pensions), decline in health 
(susceptible to illness) and due to advancing age some have lost the prestige, power and status resulting to decreased self-esteem. Mr. Palta further discussed that the members are gaining support from each other through their organized activities and regular meetings.

Common problems that we have found a solution are body aches mostly in the shoulder area and on the knees and while others are starting to experience short-term memory loss. We have taught them particular exercises that can help relieve those problems through the Just BE Alive. There are also psychological problems that are reported like irritability, anger and confusion; and the Just BE Free meditation is helpful as they have learned the 6-step healing meditation process of the program. 

There's a feeling of fulfillment to see on their faces and actions; the kind of happiness that they have felt while learning the program and also there was a sudden transformation on their energy level as they get more hopeful in living a better life in a balanced state of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. 

At the end of the program, Mr.Palta gave a closing remarks and expressed gratitude for the teachings that we have imparted. He managed a brief tour in their facility (physiotherapy and homeopathy clinic) which is managed by the Help Age Organization. As a token of appreciation, they have presented a souvenir program which includes valuable readings about health and wellness advocacy and their social activities; highlighting their major societal contributions and accomplishments. 

Together with Mr. Suresh Palta (2nd from my right) and the officers of the Association