Master Del Pe teaches people to "Heal and Energize Your Life"

Master Del Pe, the creator of "BE Well Science" Energy medicine has shared wisdom on how to "Heal and Energize Your Life" among the members of Delhi Gymkhana Club on July 11, 2013. 

Mr. Krishan Verma, the Chief Librarian of the club delivered an opening remarks and introduced Master Del Pe to the audience. Hundreds of club members and invited guests have filled the room and had given their utmost attention to Master Del Pe while giving his talk about some ways to achieve"Balanced Energy" through exercises and breathing techniques.

They have learned the Synchronized breathing method, which is one of the fastest way to relieve stress and to boost vitality in just a few minutes. Master Del Pe also explained on how it can activate certain energy centers by focusing and visualizing a brilliant white light on it. For instance, focusing on the mid-chest will help to open your heart and to become more loving and caring person. Likewise, focusing on the mid-brow will help to increase will-power and mental stamina, and lastly by focusing on the top of the head, it will help to activate intuition, wisdom and also to strengthen spiritual connection. 

Master Del Pe, together with Mr. Krishan Verma 

The teachings of Master Del Pe is a combination of "Eastern wisdom and Western practicality" that can be done at any time to have sudden boost of energy and vitality level. He explained further that this powerful tool will benefit them to increase oxygen level to their blood and to be able to achieve quality sleep even in a lesser time. 

To experience healing transformation, Master Del Pe guided them in a short meditation that will help to "Heal their Past, Transform their Present and Energize their Future" and this is the "Just BE Free" meditation combined with the energy medicine technique of the "BE Well Science". 

Master Del Pe guides the people to "heal their past, transform their present and energize their future"

According to Master Del Pe, "Heal and Energize Your Life" will lead you not only with corrective measures, but also preventive measures of healthcare management using Energy Medicine Healing Science or the "BE Well Science". It can also help to heal emotions, sharpen the mind and awaken the power of the soul which is a holistic approach towards preventive health practices.

Master Del Pe, greeted by the club members after the talk

The club members experienced a transformation of positive energy which is the goal of the healing using the advanced technique of the "BE Well Science".  At MDP Foundation, we have Senior Trainers and Specialists who are helping people address their health concerns and do energy management that can create positive impact in life. 

Through the years, Master Del Pe has trained many people on using his "BE Well Science" program for self-healing, to heal their families and healing to anyone who needs it most. For him, attaining "Balanced Energy" is one of the keys towards health and wellness and to "Live Your Greatest Life" that you deserve. 


  1. Hi all, my name is Sandy Naidoo from South Africa. I have been educated and briefed by a family friend about MDP and his work. Looking forward to my first skype session with him next week.


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