Master Del Pe's Book Launch of "From Success to Fulfillment"

Master Del Pe, A world-renowned Modern Sage, Visionary Author and a Life Mentor launched his book "From Success to Fulfillment" on July 4, 2013 at PHD Chamber of Commerce auditorium in New Delhi. 

It was well-attended event with invited guests, VIPs, BE Life University students and friends who shared positive energy and enthusiasm to meet and greet Master Del Pe on this wonderful gathering organized by Mr. Dinesh Jhunjhnuwala, Vice Chairman of S. Chand Group and BPI India Pvt. Ltd. 


The book talks about breakthrough strategies and new tools to live your greatest life. It presents ideas of Eastern wisdom combined with Western practicality that will guide people on how to "Fly high with two wings; the material and spiritual wing".

In a special lecture given by Master Del Pe, he shared powerful insights on "Maximizing Your Performance while Balancing Your Life". It includes stress-management techniques like internal-stamina exercises and special deep breathing methods to get revitalized fast. He also taught ways on how to develop a loving and compassionate heart like Mother Teresa; powerful and brilliant mind like Einstein; the will power of Mahatma Gandhi and the Philanthropic ability of Bill Gates, and these valuable teachings delighted the audience in his inspirational talk. 

Master Del Pe together with Mr. Dinesh Jhunjhnuwala and company
 "This extraordinary book lays out an exciting pathway of wisdom and guidance that will lead you to success and achievement beyond your dreams" 

   — Brian Tracey, Author of Million Dollar Habits

Honored  Guests who shared  their success and fulfillment

"Master Del Pe brings a depth and intelligence to his writings that are rare in contemporary society. His mastery is clearly born out of a lifetime of inner reflection and outer altruism. "From Success to Fulfillment" is one of those books which will benefit anyone, no matter how advanced along life's path. It holds keys to meaning we all seek."

   — Jim Garrison, President, State of the World Forum, Author of America as Empire

Master Del Pe delivers his talk about "Maximizing Your Performance while Balancing Your Life"

It is a great honor and privilege to have Master Del Pe in India and for bringing his life works and masterpiece to the Indian people. In the end he expressed his gratitude to all people who graced the event, the publisher, our guests and friends who made this event successful and fulfilling.