MDP Foundation Goes to NOIDA and Spread The Words

NOIDA, NCR, India / July 13, 2013  The MDP Foundation has been serving humanity and the world through health and wellness programs; and this time we have reached NOIDA, NCR and have presented two health programs to the employees of a clothing company . 

Ms. Neelam Mohan, the owner of the company, is also the founder of Panchvati Home. She has shared the positive results of the Just BE Free and Just BE Alive program that we have conducted to their Senior Citizen Residents on June 27, 2013. 

She had an opportunity to meet Master Del Pe in person during the book launch  of "From Success to Fulfillment on July 4, 2013. On that event she has also shared to Master Del Pe regarding their positive experience about the program with their residents. 

Brief lecture about the importance of having Stress Management Program

They have shown interest to learn how to achieve fast revitalization, and they have actively demonstrated the Just BE Alive exercises and breathing techniques. After experiencing circulation of good energy, they have learned to release psychological toxins and regaining their life through the Just BE Free program.

The 19-minute guided meditation gave them different realizations like for instance, the good feeling of forgiving someone through visualization. Some were able to reach their goal by running through a brilliant light. Other common experiences reported  includes the feeling of being in relaxed state and peace of mind instantaneously; all of these happens using the power of visualization and concentration through the Just BE Free.

Demonstration of triple finger mudra and its importance

The good thing about these programs is when we empower people to do it on their own and have these tools become part of their personal development program through the achievement of good health in all levels. Ms. Neelam Mohan then suggested that altogether, they will spend at least once a week for their staff to do it.

In the end, we have shared insights on how good health and having abundance of energy can have positive impact on their productivity at work and their total well-being. 

Together with Ms. Neelam Mohan and the employees

It is our commitment at MDP foundation to continue serving and inspiring people globally including both the privilege and the underserved sectors who deserves to "Live Their Greatest Life".