Senior Citizens Learns Effective Technique to Get Revitalized Fast

NEW DELHI, India /August 4, 2013   An Association of Senior Citizens of Dwarka Sector 6 gathered at the society's park and learned practical tools and techniques of the Just BE Alive Program. The event is made possible through collaboration with their President, Shri Balvir Singh Yadav who showed enthusiasm for bringing the program to their association.

Most of the participants are yogis for several decades and who are devoting their time and energy to attain a good spiritual life. I have met Dr. C.P Singh who is a yoga instructor for more than 3 decades. It was an interactive lecture when he shared some wisdom about Yoga exercises and meditation and how it has contributed to their good health and disease prevention.

Dr. Singh demonstrated the similarity of his yogic postures and movement to the Just BE Alive program after he learned and practiced it for the first time. He mentioned that it is simple exercises and practical for most people who spend less time on their fitness program. 

Dr. C.P. Singh (center) sharing some insights 

As a yogi and a guru, Dr. Singh has not updated himself with modern yoga postures that are also in combination with martial arts movements which also defines the Just BE Alive. He expressed appreciation for the knowledge gained and new techniques learned on the program. 

Together with the Senior Citizens Society of Dwarka Sector 6

It is an honor to have been invited by Dr. Singh to conduct another program with his group of middle age students and  he is eager to adopt  the Just BE Alive exercises and breathing techniques which he found to be more scientific and effective tool for attaining higher energy and fast revitalization.