The MDP Foundation: Our Services and Humanitarian Work in India

To spread the teachings of Master Del Pe, who is a visionary leader, social transformer and a humanitarian; we have been serving different groups across India to share powerful programs on health and wellness that creates impact on their total well-being. 

We have been working on various groups including the corporate and Non-Government Organizations and as well as individuals and families who are seeking  practical and cost-effective solutions to their health needs. We are doing meditation through the "Just BE Free" program which is highly commended by our clients and students to "Regain Your Life and Have Peace of Mind Daily". Another program which is the "Just BE Alive" has received good testimonials from people who have experienced immediate healing effect and as a tool to "Get Revitalized Fast and Live Your Life to The Fullest".

Lately, we have been involved in a collaborative work with the Senior Citizens Society in different locations in Delhi and we have received positive feedback regarding the practicality and effectiveness of the programs. 

One of the latest program we had is on August 11, 2013 in Sheik Sarai, South Delhi. An hour before the sunset, a group of Senior Citizens came for a special assembly that was called by their President Shri R.C. Sharma. The monsoon rains did not stop us from continuing the activity and the program lasted for about 2 hours. They have learned to demonstrate and practice the internal stamina exercises and deep breathing techniques of the "Just BE Alive". They have also followed the guided meditation that helped them free from the blockages in life including the physical, mental and emotional negativity. 

Just BE Alive with the Senior Citizens of Sheik Sarai, New Delhi

On the dawn of August 12, 2013 at 5:30 A.M., upon the invitation  of Dr. C.P. Singh, who is a yogi and a spiritual guru; another group of middle and late adult yogis and meditators gathered at the park of Dwarka Sector 6. As they have experienced the actual demonstration of the "Just BE Alive" program, they have practiced it repeatedly for self- mastery. Dr. Singh who is more traditional in his approach to health and fitness is now able to grasp the eastern wisdom combined with western practicality which is one of philosophy of Master Del Pe. He was eager to learn the modern exercises that are are a combination of martial arts positions and yogic postures accompanied by simultaneous deep breathing of inhalations and exhalations. As suggested by the group and upon the recommendation of Dr. Singh, they will start to do the "Just BE Alive" program at least twice a week on which according to him is good  since it has specific benefits and healing results.

Together with Dr. C.P. Singh  and his yoga & meditation group

Our goal at MPD Foundation is to "Serve Humanity and The World" through programs designed towards the achievement of better health and a "Balanced Energy" in all health levels. We will continue to expand our services, reach out and serve more people in different locations not only in India but also to the rest of the world.