Well Life Program Inspires the Senior Citizens Society of Tagore Garden

NEW DELHI, India / August 2, 2013   The officers and members of  the Senior Citizens Society of Tagore Garden convened in the lush and green lawn park, spearheaded by their President, Shri R.K. Katyal. 

They have learned health programs, like the "Just BE Alive" which includes 8-step internal stamina exercises and 3 breathing techniques that will help them to experience fast revitalization in all levels of health; physical, vitality, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Since they do the pranayam, which is an Indian-origin breathing technique; they have also learned the modern "Synchronized Breathing Method" to flush out toxicity, to activate energy centers and also good for balancing hormones.

They have not only increased their prana (a universal life-force) but also they have increased their oxygen circulation all throughout the system by injecting oxygen from the fresh air of the surroundings. 

Lecture and demonstration of the Just BE Alive Program

For the second part of the program they have learned the 6-step meditation process of the "Just BE Free" with the goal of helping them regain their life and experience inner peace. In advanced age, they have shared that laughter yoga is an effective tool to prevent loneliness and so they practice it daily at the park. However, after the 19-minute Just BE Free meditation, they have experienced another practical technique to free themselves from some forms of negativity as they have learned how to open their heart by recalling the most happy and successful events that they had from the past. 

They have verbalized that the background music of the waves from the ocean made them feel relax and calm for a moment as they go through the breathing out  method. The music is suited for the ambiance of the surroundings which is peaceful and a good source of fresh air and also conducive for meditation and exercises. 

Lecture and demonstration of the Just BE Free Program

It is one of our goal at MDP Foundation to be able to serve the health needs of the Senior Citizens who serves as the source of wisdom and inspiration to the younger generation, and their societal contribution can create a ripple effect of good-will and the will-to-good practices for which the world truly needs the most.