Master Del Pe's Book Launch: 8 Types of Leaders

Master Del Pe, a world-renowned modern sage and life mentor once again launched his book, "8 Types of Leaders" on September 16, 2013 at Qutub, Mehrauli, New Delhi.

It was a pleasant gathering of invited guests who shares similar interest on leadership and management and also a leader in respective field of work or profession. Some who attended are the graduates of the BE Life University programs, VIPs and friends who had given their utmost attention to gain insights about leadership types that they should know. It was a momentous gathering organized by Mr. Dinesh Jhunjhnuwala, Vice Chairman of S. Chand Group and BPI India Pvt. Ltd. 

The book is about profiling different leadership types and evaluating personal style of leadership that can be applicable to personal and business matters. There are lessons that can be learned about the general strength and weaknesses of each type and practical strategies on how to overcome, maintain and develop them.

The "8 Types of Leaders" book will also help on profiling not just own self but also to everyone like your boss or managers, your competitors in business or the leadership styles or culture of an organization or company. Knowing which type you are or the organization where you belong can have a significant impact on how to deal and present oneself better through evaluation of strengths and weaknesses and also by developing the 8 key virtues to master your life.

As a visionary author, Master Del Pe's "8 Types of Leaders" book is an extraordinary masterpiece that will teach you to have the mind of Einstein, the heart of Mother Teresa, the will-power of Mahatma Gandhi and the Philanthropic ability of Bill Gates. 

Learning and developing these types of leadership and at the same time cultivating the 8 key virtues of life will help humanity to  'Fly High with Two Wings - the material and spiritual wing'  to live your greatest life that you deserved.