Master Del Pe's Interactive Talk on Harmonizing Power, Love and Light in Women

JAIPUR, India / September 10, 2013 —  Master Del Pe, a world renowned modern Sage, Life mentor and International speaker gave an interactive session on Harmonizing Power, Love and Light in Women at The Marriot in Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan.

The event is organized by FICCI Ladies Organization (FLO) - a national body promoting women empowerment  headed by their Chairperson Ms. Belia Badhalia, and participated by over 100 members.

It was an empowering talk which includes powerful tools and techniques to activate the trinity of life; the will-power, love-wisdom and creative intelligence and to have an awareness of the strengths and weaknesses in relation to its imbalances. For instance, Master Del Pe discussed on how to profile a person based on a trinity model and how it can affect relationships with other people in business or personal life. 

Master Del Pe delivers his message to the members of FIICI FLO

Master Del Pe's Philosohies are a combination of Eastern wisdom and Western practicality and he delivered key mesages on work-life balance, application of mudras or hand seals to activate certain energies and the breathing techniques that will help to achieve balanced health in all levels.  According to him, these teachings will guide people in "Flying High with Two Wings"   the material and spiritual wing. 

The officers and members have commended Master Del Pe for the valuable information, and in the end, they expressed gratitude to Master Del Pe for the enriching talk and for knowing how to harmonize the power, love and light that lies within us.