MDPF Activity and Testimonial on Whole Earth Care

GUAYAQUIL, Ecuador   It is one of our programs at MDP Foundation to have a care for the planet and the ecosystem; we call this "Whole Earth Care" which could be more than the physical care of the earth, hence we have special tools and techniques for the energetic revitalization and healing of the planet from its physical destruction brought by lack of care and proper interventions.

In Ecuador, a group of Meditators convened and created a powerful thought forms and healing energies projected to the earth. This benefits all the living beings including the humanity, the animal kingdom and the mineral kingdom living in it. 

The testimonial and photos below gives an inspiration on how we do our planet care. 

"Last month we received the invitation from an Art Gallery called "Arte Amuleto" in Guayaquil to make a public meditation there (it was after Leo's Full Moon). Some people (8) came and liked the experience, also asked  to know more about MDP Foundation and its work with environment,so we offered last Saturday the Rebroadcast of "How to Collaborate and Heal the Earth as a living being" with a little forum after it, we also showed the MDP Foundation institutional video about HIV/From Sudafrica. Around 16 people came to the Conference and stayed to meditate. Most of them where Environmentalist and Artists.  Many asked more information and to learn more of our techniques."

Facilitated by: Beatriz Benavidez