Yogis and Meditators Learns to Get Revitalized Fast

NEW DELHI, India / September 29, 2013  A group of yogis and meditators of Dwarka Sector 6 convened at the park on August 12, 2012 and learned health management through the Just BE Alive program. Upon the invitation of Dr. C.P. Singh, who is the yoga master of the group, another gathering took place at the nearby park of Dwarka Sector 10. It was good to have interacted with a different group that was participated by more than 50 members. 

The yogis and meditators of Dwarka sector 10

On the opening remarks delivered by Dr. Singh, he mentioned on how they have adopted the Just BE Alive program in their weekly schedule. They do early morning physical routine for an hour and half on which they do yogic exercises, chanting and breathing techniques. Now that they have proven the effectiveness of the 15-minute, Just BE Alive program, he wanted to share it to other group for their benefit. 

The 8-step internal stamina exercises was explained along with its benefits and contraindications. They have also repeated each exercises several times for proper execution and self-mastery. Since they already have an advantage of a good flowing energy due to regular physical workout,  then they were able to do the internal stamina exercises with ease and comfort.

The 3 breathing techniques were discussed and also the importance of focusing on different energy centers particularly on the heart, mid-brow and top-of-the head while doing the synchronized breathing method. 

Together with the group leaders

The good thing about the Just BE Alive program is when it is implemented well as part of the regular physical activity to be able to get advantage of the positive results in all levels of health. With this group, they have committed to integrate it to their existing program at least twice a week. 

MDP Foundation and its team of health trainers and specialist around the world continues to spread the teachings of Master Del Pe by providing cost-effective and easy to replicate tools and techniques like the Just BE Alive program to help people get revitalized fast and live their life to the fullest.