MDP Foundation Continues to Serve and Empower People

NEW DELHI, India The MDP Foundation went back to Green Park extension on December 24, 2013 to present our programs to the second batch of the staff of Smile Foundation. They have heard positive feedback from their colleagues who have done it already and they were glad to have learned the same techniques that they can apply anytime and anywhere to relieve some stress and to increase their vitality level.

We taught them the "Just BE Alive" program which is a set of practical exercises and breathing techniques in combination with martial arts and yoga science that  was developed by Master Del Pe. As a result, they have learned the benefits of each exercises and the significance of deep breathing as they felt the immediate effect.

Learning the 6-step healing meditation of the "Just BE Free" program made them experience peace of mind and ability to take control of emotions which are some of the benefits to achieve. 

Demonstration of the Internal Stamina Exercises of the Just BE Alive program 

The Human Resource head, Ms. Hema Malhotra expressed her gratitude for our presence and for sharing these programs to their staff which could empower them to stay alive and maintain the peace and harmony in the organization. 

It was a wonderful opportunity to have serve these group who are cheerful and with a positive outlook and as they learn to adopt these programs it will have a positive impact on their health in all levels. 

In general, our mission is to train and empower more people, and the MDP Foundation continues to build up more energy to our pursuit of excellence in serving humanity and the world.