MDP Foundation Empowers People to Heal and Energize Their Life

NEW DELHI, India — To be able to spread the teachings of Master Del Pe, we at the MDP Foundation conducted a health program to provide solutions to various challenges that can affect  the health and performance of workers in  the service-oriented industry. 

On December 2, 2013 upon our collaboration with MAITRI-India, we have discussed and presented several ways to relieve stress, anxiety and compassion fatigue that are experienced by the staff in dealing with their work among women, children, the homeless and people with HIV/ AIDS. 

Bip Vasquez demonstrates the Just BE Alive technique to the staff of MAITRI

Bip Vasquez, the Global Director and Senior trainer of MDP Foundation shared some tools and techniques to get revitalized fast using the 4-step strategy of the "Just BE Alive" program. She has demonstrated the internal stamina exercises that will help to release toxins and blockages in their system. The breathing techniques were also taught to effectively release toxins and tensions, to calm the emotions and mind fast, and to balance energy centers  for optimal functioning. 

On December 3, 2013 we have shared the same health program to the staff of Smile Foundation. Aside from the "Just BE Alive" program, they have also learned how to achieve peace of mind in few minutes of guided-meditation we call as the "Just BE Free". They have gone through the 6-step meditation and experienced healing of their past and being free from physical, mental and emotional toxins or negativities. 

The staff of Smile foundation during the lecture and demonstration of the "Just BE Alive & Just BE Free"

In end Bip Vasquez emphasized the value of balanced health to achieve high level of productivity and to be able to empower the people who are the recipients of their care. 

Our aim at MDP Foundation is not just to share valuable information, but also to involve the key people towards more dynamic and efficient delivery of services, most especially to the less-privilege and the marginalized groups who deserves what is it like to live their greatest life.