MDP Foundation Influences People to Live Their Greatest Lives

NEW DELHI, India  On December 19, 2013 the MDP Foundation went to Janak Puri, West Delhi to share our programs to the staff of Deepalaya. As an organization that is working for the welfare of the children and women, they do experience some issues  like stress and fatigue at work.

We provide solutions to these health threats that can affect work performance  and most especially in giving services to their beneficiaries. We include the "Just BE Alive and Just BE Free" programs which are simple and easy  to perform bio-mechanical exercises and breathing techniques specially designed by Master Del Pe, who is a world expert in 12 styles of meditation and 8 types of yoga. 

Bip Vasquez demonstrates the steps of the "Just BE Alive" program

In a conversation with Ms. Hema Sharma, the Human Resource head, she is aware of the health needs of the staff as it contributes to their productivity level, and learning about stress-management programs would  help boost their vitality. 

By repeatedly performing the exercises, they will attain mastery as it is performed regularly. In a 15-minute of "Just BE Alive" it will create a difference as they will notice the good circulation of energy. 

The visualization technique of the "Just BE Free" creates a good effect of maintaining a balanced emotion and a clear mind when breathing out tensions and expelling negativities that sometimes prevents an individual from moving forward in life. 

Our mission is to create awareness to the  people about the benefits of doing these programs, and for the staff of Deepalaya they can influence anyone to do the same. MDP Foundation will continue to provide services that the people truly needs; services that can benefit them from regaining their lives and at the same time to live their lives to the fullest.