MDP Foundation Shares the Goodwill and Humanitarian Services

NEW DELHI, India  The MDP Foundation team has been invited by the Rotary Club of Delhi-Midwest on December 18, 2013 to share programs that will benefit its members in terms of good health and the quality of life that is free of stress, anxiety or fatigue, hence the attainment of a revitalized body and peace of mind. 

Ms. Bip Vasquez, the Global Director talked about the international humanitarian services of the MDP Foundation in various countries where we have established presence through the years. In India, we brought these services starting at the grassroots level and also the affluent sectors who can influence people to share the benefits of our health programs. 

The Rotarians learned how to get revitalized fast as they have demonstrated the internal-stamina exercises and breathing techniques in a 15-minute duration of the 4-step strategy of the "Just BE Alive". Other benefit includes having a calmed emotions and a sharp and active mind despite of advancing age so as to continue giving services back to society.

Bip Vasquez guides the Rotarians in a short meditation

The members also experienced a guided meditation and they go through the process of breathing out any congestion that blocks emotions and mind. They have learned to open their heart by visualizing a happy and successful event in their past. The forgiveness ritual has been emphasized to open the positive flow of energy on the heart center which is one of the key to goodwill and the will-to-good practices. 

These techniques are done through the power of visualization which creates a positive impact to their beingness. The "Just BE Free" meditation is highly significant for professionals and in the service industry to be able to attain peace of mind and regain their lives that are more positive and flowing energy. 

The Rotarians have been influenced by the MDP Foundation to do all these programs and it will serve as a tool not just to have a stress-free living, but also to have a more positive outlook and a balanced energy for spreading the goodwill and peace to the humanity and the world.