MDP Foundation Shares Techniques to Live Your Greatest Life

NEW DELHI, India  On  December 27, 2013 the MDP Foundation shared health programs with the staff of GMRV Foundation. The said organization focuses on the training and livelihood programs for the youths to equip with the right skills at work and to have good contributions to the community that they live in. On our "Youth Empowerment" program, we have similar goals and our stress management programs would benefit them to enhance their energy level thereby increases their productivity. 

The staff learned the "Just BE Alive" and the "Just BE Free" programs which they can do to release tensions and blockages as they flushed it out from their system. Circulation of good energy starts when exercises are accompanied by deep breathing to absorb the "prana" or "chi" which according to Master Del Pe means a "life force" that is responsible for sustaining life. This has been proven at the end of the "4-step strategy of the "Just BE Alive" as they felt more energized. 

Demonstration of the "Just BE Alive" program

Bip Vasquez, the Global Director of MDP Foundation explained the importance of focusing on the three energy centers like the heart, mid-brow and top-of-the head and this is part of the "Synchronized Breathing Method" which they have learned.

Another technique we have introduced is the "Centering Meditation"  which will help them to recharge their vitality level  and to achieve more focus and awareness. As they learn to concentrate and become aware at the same time, it will help to enhance their mental alertness and to have courage and desire that they need. 

The teachings we have imparted are a combination of Eastern wisdom and Western practicality that was shared by Master Del Pe for several years of his continuous practice and validation of existing knowledge. The wisdom gained has been made more simple and practical for all who wants to achieve balanced energy in all levels of health. 

As the year ends, we continue to share valuable teachings for the promotion of good health through the programs designed by Master Del Pe. The wisdom will remain to be significant in years to come as people starts to pay attention to their health and as a result, it will help them achieve not just success but also a life that is meaningful and  fulfilled.