MDP Foundation Teaches People to Get Revitalized Fast

NEW DELHI, India  Early this month we have visited Non-Government Organizations to share practical techniques to relieve work-related stress and compassion fatigue that are experienced by the staff and field workers. 

On December 6, 2013 we have brought this program to the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation in central Delhi. More than 200 officers have benefited on this opportunity to learn how to manage their stress at work through the "Just BE Alive and Just BE Free" programs. 

Bip Vasquez explains the benefits of the program to the participants

Ms. Bip Vasquez,  the Global Director of MDP Foundation guided them on the 4-step strategy of the "Just BE Alive". This will help them to attain fast rejuvenation, to calm their emotions and to sharpen their mind which are some of the objectives of the program.

The second part is the introduction of a short guided-meditation which is the "Just BE Free". It helps them to become free from both physical and psychological toxins that may have been accumulated  from their past,  carried on at the present  and that may block their future success in career and life.

Bip Vasquez teaches the Just BE Alive to the executives and officers of DMRC

In the closing remarks delivered by Mr. Mangu Singh, the managing Director, he acknowledge and appreciate the program which will encourage them to become active at work through the help of the exercises that they have learned.

Before the year ends, our goal is to become an active health partner of different organizations in providing the best possible solutions like getting revitalized fast in all levels of health and to regain their life and have peace of mind.

We at  the MDP Foundation are working for the betterment of the lives of the people we serve through our proven tools and techniques that will help people to live their greatest lives that they deserve.