MDP Organization's Disaster Relief Operations in the Central Philippines

MANILA, Philippines — It was a month ago, early morning of November 8 when the Philippines experienced one of the strongest and destructive super typhoon or tropical storm to made a landfall in the central regions of the country. The aftermath have caused massive damages such as loss of properties and the unexpected number of people who lost their lives.

Until the present time, millions of people particularly in the central Philippines are suffering from the onslaught brought by typhoon Yolanda or internationally known as typhoon "Haiyan". The impact has been tremendous as it caused people to suffer from hunger, families who left homeless, power outage and breakdowns in communications and also the major effect on health caused by post-traumatic stress and fatigue. 

Our mission to help...

Upon hearing the news internationally, our circle of friends from the MDP organizations had given their monetary contributions for the relief operations to be extended to the typhoon-hit areas. Such amount collected will be able to provide temporary relief to the families so they will have food and shelter.

On November 22, 2013 our team from the MDP Foundation went to the central Philippines in the province of Iloilo to extend relief efforts to the families that are affected by the calamity. 

"We presented MDP Organization's cash donation to Philippine Science High School West Visayas campus Administration and Parents Teacher's Association President Atty. Leo Sombriro and OIC Mr. Rey Lulu who personally fetched us from our early morning flight to Iloilo. The cash donation will go to the rebuilding of the Eastern Visayas Campus in Tacloban, Leyte. This campus was totally devastated by the typhoon displacing at least 350 students. Philippine Science High School is a premier public school in the Philippines with a small student population that maintains a certain grade point average to stay in the school. The students also receive a monthly stipend from the government. They only admit the Best and Brightest students."  said by Dr. Helen Saquin, the country coordinator of MDP Organization.

Left: Dr. Helen hand over the cash donation of MDP Organization to the officer of
Philippine Science High School-West Visayas campus;  Right: MDP foundation team together
 with the recipients of relief operations.

What the MDP programs has to offer 

Our team witnessed the devastated area and its effect to the families and the children. They patiently waited for relief assistance and we never fail to do our part to share some blessings in this times of crisis.

"We arrived with the residents waiting in line for the distribution of the relief goods. One sack per family. Before the distribution of goods, we teach them a short Just BE Alive program to help them with their lives. This will help them become healthier. We brought them relief goods which is short term and a technique to improve the quality of their lives - long term."  shared by Dr. Helen Saquin.

Dr. Helen Saquin, sharing the "Just BE Alive" program  to the residents 

Our service to humanity continues

On December 6-7, 2013 the MDP foundation team joined the "True Love Waits Philippines" fund raising activity in Manila. The proceeds will be given to our beneficiaries of the typhoon-hit areas in the central Philippines. 

"Thank you for your ongoing donations and efforts to help us here in the Philippines. In behalf of the recipients who have been blessed by your gifts we convey this thanksgiving message. May you all increase and prosper in all areas all the days of your life." expressed by Dr. Helen Saquin. 

We believe that it's not too late to help and any kind gestures are well appreciated. We care for the lives; we care for the earth and the humanity. It's time to become a blessing to other people in need. There is life after catastophe, there is hope. We have the power to change people's lives for the better; we have the power to make a difference.