Master Del Pe's Motivational Talk on 5 Levels of Intelligence to Maximize Your Potential at IILM Institute

NEW DELHI, India / February 5, 2014  —  Master Del Pe, a world renowned speaker, life-mentor and visionary leader delivered an insightful topic on "5 Levels of Intelligence to Maximize Your Potential" at IILM Institute for Higher Education in Central Delhi. 

The interactive talk's objective is to provide more practical application of the '5 Levels of Intelligence' to develop highest potential and improve performance to achieve mastery in life.

Master Del Pe started his talk by answering  several  questions on what the students want to learn with  relevance to the topic. He shared about the differences on the 'attitude and aptitude' in workplace and life in general. When asked about the expectations of executives in the workplace, Master Del Pe said that he would rather choose someone who has self-motivation and self-initiative. "The passion to grow comes from your self-initiative" he further expressed.

Master Del Pe discussed each level of intelligence and emphasized about the transformational leadership as required in modern workplace or in a corporate world. He said that people need to develop not only the mind but also the heart to become balanced. 

Master Del Pe's philosophies are a combination of eastern wisdom and western practicality and to develop these intelligence, Master Del Pe demonstrated various techniques like specially designed exercises and breathing techniques that he created. 

Master Del Pe concluded that the education of the future should include certain training in school that will stimulate the development of the 5 levels of intelligence; the instinctive intelligence, emotional intelligence, concrete mental intelligence, abstract  mental intelligence and spiritual intelligence.