MDP Foundation To Go The Extra Mile in Delivering Health Programs

PAMPANGA, Philippines  For the the previous years, we have reached out the grassroots level in various villages in the Philippines and we inspired people in our mission to create awareness on the value of good health. We started with educational institutions as we collaborate with school administrators to offer them health programs that will have an impact to their well being.

We also targeted both the Government and Non-Government organizations and we demonstrated the most requested programs like the "Just BE Alive" and "Just BE Free". We  received positive feedback and appreciation from the officials and their constituents and it inspired us to have a positive outlook on how far we can go beyond the limits. 

Residents in San Pablo, Mexico, Pampanga experiencing meditation and internal stamina exercises

This year, it is our mission to go farther by reaching out far flung areas outside Metro Manila and deliver services that will benefit several institutions and small villages. The province of Pampanga which is located in central Luzon, Philippines will be one of our pilot areas to expand our services. This time, our goal is not only to teach the basic health programs, but also to teach the "BE Well Science" which is a breakthrough program of Master Del Pe. 

The "BE Well Science" will be a transformative complementary solution to health problems; from minor to complex disorders. This program will empower people to do self-healing and healing of their families and love ones. 

On March 12, 2014 as we observe the women's month, we shared the "Just BE Alive" and "Just BE Free" programs to a group of housewives and young ladies in San Pablo, Mexico, Pampanga. Stress and fatigue from work are the main concerns and others reported hypertension, low-blood pressure, chest pain and congestion.

The "BE Well Science" has been used during the meditation to address these reported health problems and they have expressed sudden relief from minor discomforts and appreciated the deep breathing technique along with the internal stamina exercises. 

At MDP Foundation, we help people "Heal and Energize Their Lives" and to assess the effectiveness of the program, we will constantly monitor and evaluate their testimonials as we continue the community immersion in this place. Women empowerment through good health will be our advocacy and we will continue to do so until such time they are ready to inspire and lead others to have a balanced energy and live their greatest lives.