Inspiring People to Live Their Greatest Lives

ANGELES CITY, Philippines — In the first quarter of the year, our global team of health trainers and specialists reached out several groups in different countries to influence people to live a balanced life. In the Philippines, we have done our share to collaborate with local leaders to be able to inspire them on the virtue of good health. 

Our partnership with different spiritual groups led us to spread the valuable information on health matters through our programs that are proven to be safe and effective. In the celebration of World Health Day on April 7, 2014, we have shared our health programs to the "Life Giver Charismatic Community" with over 50 members. They have experienced the good benefits of the program through the demonstration of the internal stamina exercises and breathing techniques.

Looking back to our previous immersion, the local officials and residents of San Pablo, Mexico, Pampanga is one of the recipients of our program. On their first quarterly assembly and upon collaboration with the chairman of the committee on health, we presented our program and enlighten  them on the importance of  healthy lifestyle in the absence of diseases; and also in the management of stress to prevent physiological and psychological health imbalances. 

The MDP Foundation gives hope and inspiration to the people towards living a better life through balancing life tools and techniques developed by Master Del Pe. Through active implementation of the program, we envision a community of healthy citizens who will have a positive societal contribution and that will enable them to live their greatest lives.