MDP Foundation: Working Towards Youth Empowerment

KATHMANDU, Nepal — The MDP Foundation is working on a special program to train the youth to choose a better life of balance, service and values. We include leadership training among teenagers and young adults to build up their confidence and self-esteem  and to discover more of who they are and their capabilities to contribute to the society, thus we have the "Youth Empowerment Program" developed by Master Del Pe. 

In collaboration with Mr. Deepak Devkota, the Chairman of "Thiwos", we have successfully delivered the program to a group of about  20 youth members who are volunteers in the organization. They devote their leisure time and have provided services to more than 40 orphan children to go to school in rural areas of Nepal. 

The program also aims to develop skills necessary for the team building, project management, volunteerism or social entrepreneurship and these new life skills will help to combat social ills and vices in the community. 

Bip Vasquez, the Global Director of MDP Foundation together with the youth members of "Thiwos"
on February 11, 2014.

"All of us are really inspired by your lecture as well as the therapy. We really love to do it again with you and I came to know that some of our members are doing it in every morning.Thanks for the lovely videos and we expect possible ways to work together with MDP Foundation.” 

                                           expressed by Mr. Deepak Devkota, the Chairman of "Thiwos"