MDPFoundation: Working for A WellLIFE Community

PAMPANGA, Philippines  In our goal to serve different societal groups, we have started to explore the Central Luzon Region and reaches out the religious organizations to present health programs developed by Master Del Pe

Through our collaboration with the key people, we make a strategic plan of knowing the needs of the people prior to presenting to them the kind of program that they would learn to adapt; and to further expand the areas of coverage, we do assessment on the effectiveness of the program through testimonials. 

We present the WellLIFE program which aims to heal imbalances at all levels of health -- physical, vitality, emotional, mental and spiritual. This pioneering program in the country teaches people on the preventive and correction health management using bio-mechanical exercises that are easy to perform; visualization; and breathing techniques that are well appreciated by the program participants.

Just BE Alive at Archdiocese of San Fernando, Pampanga

"Before it seems difficult to do exercise, but after learning the program I realize that it does not need much time and can only be done for few minutes and you will get energized."
                                                                                             -   R.M., Archdiocese member

Demonstration of the breathing techniques

The MDP Foundation continues to network and strengthen influence among religious/spiritual organizations. We believe that people deserve to enjoy life and live their greatest lives through greater spiritual service. We inspire people and we lead them to have a balanced health. As they share the good news to others, we will serve people with utmost dedication and a sense of commitment.