Rising to the Challenge: Serving Humanity and the World

Today marks the time when we have joined the PALASIC program and met Master Del Pe, the founder of  MDP Foundation. It was a pleasant and wonderful moment to have gained wisdom from a modern Sage and his team of wise Senior Trainers, namely Bip Vasquez and Sunee Kay; who spent some time to share their knowledge and expertise about the different programs.

During those years, we have developed our skills as a BE Inshape Trainer and Specialist and started to reach out people in both urban and rural areas in  India and the Philippines to train individuals, families and communities on our programs like the 'Just BE alive and the Just BE free'. 

Equipped with knowledge and wisdom from the intensive training; we believe in the ideals and philosophies of Master Del Pe and the core-principle of the MDP Foundation which is 'To Serve Humanity and The World'. 

MDP Foundation programs in the Philippines

In our third year as BE Inshape Trainer and Specialist, we have been more competent in dealing with the duties and responsibilities that are entrusted to us. Guided by the principles of   Master Del Pe and his ashram, we have deepen our faith and beliefs about the 'eastern wisdom and the western practicality' concept that we share to others. 

Life has been meaningful as we share the good news on health matters. Our service with compassion helps us to understand our ideals in our mission to promote health using the breakthrough program -- 'BE Well Science' which aims to heal and energize peoples' lives.

Looking back as to how we have started, our deepest gratitude to Master Del Pe and all our mentors in regard to what have we become. We have been transformed and empowered; as we pursue with our mission to inspire people to live their greatest lives they truly deserve. 

Three years of inspired excellence and great challenges; we will do our share in our commitment to serve humanity as a globally-competitive trainers and leaders. At MDP Foundation, we will serve with honor and dignity as we aspire for the good things to come and the beautiful days ahead; today and beyond.