MDP Foundation Empowers Youth Through Balanced Life Programs

HOUSTON, USA — In our goal to train and mentor the youth to live a life of balance, service and values, we help them build confidence by introducing new life skills to combat social ills and vices. Through the years, we have reached out and served several youth groups; those who are serving the community, religious youth ministry, and in the education sector. 

The MDP Foundation and in collaboration with an NGO, 'Bonding Against Adversity, Incorporated' in Aldine District in Houston  shared the same objective to educate and empower the youth. A Teen Summit has been organized and was attended by the 7th and 8th grade students of Hambrick Middle School. The goal of the summit is to equip these teens with tools so that they can make better decisions and stay out of trouble during the summer vacation period. 

On June 3, the students in 7th grade (boys) and 8th grade (girls), participated on the first day of the summit. Bip Vasquez, our MDPF Global Director delivered an interactive talk on the topic "Tools to Manage Emotions". This includes the introduction of the internal-stamina exercises of the "Just BE alive program. 

Bip Vasquez giving a talk to the students at Hambrick Middle School

On June 4, the second day of the summit, Bip Vasquez delivered the same topic to the second batch of 7th and 8th grade students. They also learned various topics such as  early teen pregnancy, STDs and HIV, decision making., etc.

In the summit one of the girls shared a testimonial that she was not expecting to feel anything in particular, but she mentioned that the 15-minute breathing and visualization techniques made her feel  lighter and rejuvenated. Before, she used to experience drowsiness and tiredness, but she felt the clarity of her mind and emotions thereafter. 

MDP Foundation is committed to provide the best solutions to combat social-ills and vices mostly among the youths. Through our Youth Empowerment program, we continue to serve as health advocate -- promoting balanced health, and attainment of good-virtues among young people; which is considered to be one of the important factors in community-building.