Transforming Lives Through BE Well Science Program

PAMPANGA, Philippines  It has been 3 months since we started to do community immersion in a village in San Pablo, Mexico in Central Luzon Region. We did several introductory seminars and full-time seminar-workshops in this place. Since then, over 300 people have witnessed the program and they have shown interest to learn what it has to offer them in terms of good health and overall wellness. 

Since March, we started to conduct the strategic planning to do an immersion with the goal of introducing health programs to help them live their greatest lives. The goal has been met in empowering the lives of some residents through learning of several programs like the Just BEalive, JustBEfree and BE Well Science. 

In April and May, we have collaborated with some program organizers and served the local charismatic group in Angeles City and they benefited from fast revitalization from exercises and deep breathing techniques of the Just BEalive. 

On April 29, the first program in BE Well Science Program-basic level  was conducted to empower the residents to use energy medicine technique in healing oneself, their family and others who may need it. The program was proven to be effective in relieving minor health issues and complications and mostly in dealing with stress and fatigue, sleep issues and health problems among women.

2nd batch of BE Well Science on June 10, 2014 in San Pablo, Mexico, Pampanga

On June 10, in a village in San Pablo, another BE Well Science Program was conducted for the second batch of the residents. Through word-of-mouth and positive testimonials from the previous participants, some residents registered to learn the program. 

Through BE Well Science, they have learned how human energy system works and the ability of the body to heal using different energy centers and energy colors projected to body parts that needs transformation and healing. 

 June 10, 2014:  Residents learn how BE Well Science Healing Techniques

Through regular practice, energy healing skills will enable to give them the right tools and techniques to balance their health in all levels: physical, vitality, emotional, mental and spiritual. In the future, they will learn the intermediate level of healing practice that is vital to their well-being thereby producing a community of good-willed people and creating a transformational power of healing in their lives.