MDP Foundation Supports Mental Health Consciousness Week 2014

To increase awareness about global mental health issues, the MDP Foundation helps in mobilizing efforts as our support in activities that promotes public health education for the prevention of mental illnesses affecting individuals, their families and the community. 

For several years, we have proven the impact of our wellLIFE program in different countries. Our techniques address health imbalances from their root causes and put dignity back into their lives. We provide bio-mechanical exercises; visualizations; breathing and rejuvenation techniques.  

We have actively established our presence in India and the Philippines along with our team of senior health trainers and specialist. Our initiative and commitment is to reach out organizations; both rural and urban areas to deliver this health program developed by Master Del Pe.

We are aware that balanced health is indispensable, thus we are teaching people not only to be physically fit but also to become mentally capable. We help people heal illnesses like anxiety, depression and sleep disorders that may result to mental health imbalance if not given the right treatment of the root causes of the problem using energy healing management. 

Nowadays, several people are battling these mental illnesses resulting to suicide and suicidal tendencies. The 'World Health Organization' reported that approximately 800,000 people die from suicide each year (one death every 40 seconds). This statistics continue to grow annually at an alarming rate and we can help through our technique which is preventive and corrective and can be easily learned and applied in low-income settings anywhere in the world. 

Suicidal risks can be prevented and we are on the rescue by providing energy healing strategy to combat this illness and to save many lives, thus helping them live a balanced health of complete physical, vitality, emotional, spiritual and mental levels of health. 

In the USA, we have introduced our energy medicine management and trained the caregivers at the "Mental Health and Mental Retardation Authority" (MHMRA) at Harris County, Houston. 

Before attending the program, our caregivers were stressed, tired and overwhelmed. After the event, they felt rejuvenated and ready to take on the rest of the day. The exercises and breathing techniques were easy to follow.

“I highly recommend that companies and organizations bring in MDP Foundation for their employees and staff. I am truly grateful to MDP Foundation for what it has done for my agency and the local community.

                                         - S.S., Mental Health and Mental Retardation Authority of Harris County

MDP Foundation continues to provide services to heal imbalances in health and improve the quality of life of people from different countries and cultural backgrounds. We extend our efforts to train and empower individuals, families and healthcare giver to heal and energize their lives and to live their greatest lives.