Master Del Pe's Programs and Services Empowers People in The Philippines

Master Del Pe together with his Philippine team conducted "Living Your Greatest Life" event on August 30, 2014 in Angeles, Pampanga. Master Del Pe enlightened the participants about ways on how to get revitalized fast using the tools and strategies he developed. He demonstrated exercises to boost vitality level and also to calm emotions and clear the mind. 

Master Del Pe guided them in a short "Just BE Free" meditation to regain their lives and have peace of mind. They have experienced to breathed out negativity, to open their heart, to forgive and be forgiven, and to energize their future. They also benefited from the healing done by Master Del Pe who is a miraculous healer and the founder of breakthrough program "BE Well Science".

"Living Your Greatest Life" with members of Life Giver Charismatic Community

On August 31, 2014 Master Del Pe and team conducted "BE Well Science" program at St. Scholastica's Academy in Manila. The participants were empowered to learn strategies for self-healing and healing other people at a basic level. 

The "BE Well Science" empowers people to 'heal their past, transform their present and energizing their future'. Dr. Helen Saquin, the country manager of MDP Organization in the Philippines and in partnership with the aforementioned institution made the event a success for bringing participants from different backgrounds and expertise to gain wisdom from a modern Sage and International life mentor, Master Del Pe. 

Participants demonstrating tools and techniques of "BE Well Science" program

In our pursuit for excellence, we are expanding our programs and services to reach out Philippine provinces and key cities to provide holistic health programs that will transform and empower the lives of the people. Our mission is to serve humanity and the world and we bring the right tools and techniques from our various programs developed by Master Del Pe and we continue to inspire them to live their greatest lives that they deserve.