A Wholistic Approach for a Better Health in the Community of San Juan, La Union

San Juan is one of the 18 Municipalities of La Union located in the Northern part of Luzon, popularly known as the Surfing capital of Northern Philippines. The first Unit of the Community in San Juan La Union who learned the tools and techniques of Just BE Alive Program organized by the Community Captain Ms. Liberty Avila and attended by some community health workers and the council

Far from the center of the town, this simple community of Quidem is almost at the boundary of another Municipality. Participated mostly by senior citizens, community health workers and the council. Mr. Severing, the captain and the organizer of the event welcomed us in their community as we share the tools and techniques to empower individuals.
Community of Panicsican in San Juan La Union Philippines

One of the communities who actively participated and verbalized their gratefulness for knowing this technique, a very welcoming community organized by their leader, Mr. Felipe who invited us again to empower their youth to learn this unique technique.

"When I came here, I was feeling stressed and weak, but after this session and workshop, learning this simple tools and technique was just amazing. I didn't know that there is something like this that we can apply everyday to get me back to my vitality. I'm feeling positive now thank you- BHW"

At MDP Foundation, we are touching people in every community, empowering all ages and promoting health without using any machines and medicines. We are creating healthy community with healthy citizens living in a balanced way.