MDP Foundation Programs in the Philippines: Why We Need Your Support

MDP Foundation is committed to deliver programs and services in every sector of the society starting at the grassroots level where we have established our presence. We provide tools and techniques which serves as vital needs promoting balanced health for better living. Thus, our team of health trainers and specialists deployed in their respective countries has been recognized as health leaders in providing preventive and curative healthcare management programs to address health issues and imbalances. 

For several years, we have influenced people globally to support our cause in serving humanity and the world through programs developed by Master Del Pe. We attracted several volunteers to organize programs in their locality and we received positive result in their wellbeing. 

In the Philippines, we are committed as health leaders in reaching out various places, including selected provinces, key cities and even far-flung communities to be able to provide health programs to the people. We provide "wellLIFE program" to help them heal and energize their lives. Our "Elderly Empowerment Program" in collaboration with the national Government agency has been adopted by social health workers to help their residents get revitalized fast. We also support our "Youth Empowerment Program" by providing training to youth groups in local parishes and communities, and it has helped them towards character building through vice-elimination and prevention. We encourage the youth to be proactive in serving their community and become a good role model in achieving balanced life upholding values and virtues. 

Providing programs to Educational institutions, Health organizations, Government organizations and Religious groups.

In our community outreach, we attract people who are retired/semi-retired to become part our "World TalentSHARE and WisdomBANK" where they serve as consultants to our social programs and organize programs for the youth and the elderly. We implemented this program in other countries and we are now looking for more people who will help us expand our programs in the Philippines. As we aim for more community servers, they can join us with our cause by spreading the words so we may continue to create possible generations of discipleship through guidance and blessings of Master Del Pe. 

Providing programs to Youth group, Elderly group,  Wellness centers, and Non-Government organizations

Through the years, we have seen the bigger impact of our work in several communities, and the vital approach to achieve our goal is through volunteerism where they work with us in empowering more people until such time when we fully establish our presence and create an effect of will-to-good. We also continue to seek for donors and sponsors in our various programs to make it sustainable and successful. Financial contributions will help our trainers and specialist to serve thousands of people in years to come. We are providing breakthrough solutions for social and health problems and that financial aid will benefit larger communities.

We are dedicated to provide programs and services of highest quality. Your donations ensure MDP Foundation's service to you and it will help us extend health awareness in other communities. World-class health service requires intensive training of volunteers, trainers, coaches and we need financial support. We hope you, our followers, readers and philanthropists from around the world will support us in our commitment to serving humanity and the world. It's about time to make a difference,and together let's have a significant societal contribution through health and people empowerment, today and beyond. 

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The MDP Foundation is supported by Master Del Pe and by voluntary contributions from those who share our vision of serving humanity and the world. We have several years of experience working on projects in the Philippines, India, Italy, USA, South Africa and Latin America. These projects focus on education, life skills development, and training. They alleviate human afflictions and world suffering.
Your support is vital to our life-changing work. Your contribution will enable us to further our mission to bring about irreversible change in the complementary and alternative healthcare system in the country.