MDP FOUNDATION: To Empower Community Leaders in San Juan, La Union, Philippines

In Pursuit of our excellence in spreading the techniques and programs of MDP Foundation, we spread our mission to different provinces in the Philippines, bringing the mission to achieve balanced health and live your greatest life that you deserve, with the help of the Master Del Pe and sponsors, we are able to start the wellLIFE Program to the different villages in San Juan, La Union Philippines.

Our techniques address health imbalances from their causes and help to alleviate life’s sufferings. They include: skills-based training programs; bio-mechanical exercises; visualizations; breathing and rejuvenation techniques.

These techniques are preventive and corrective and can be easily learned and adapted. They have been successfully applied to counter several health imbalances and improve the quality of life of people from different countries and cultural backgrounds.

On  October 3, 2014, we started looking for volunteer/ organizers for MDP foundation. Community leaders of different villages are the ones who volunteers to organize the workshop for their community members.

Vanessa Cacacho, Introduced the MDP Foundation and our mission to the monthly Community Leaders conference at Peoples Hall, San Juan, La Union on October 3, 2014. There were 30 community leaders present in that conference. and most of them signed in as a volunteer organizer.