Master Del Pe & cleanLIFE Team are Winning the "War on Drugs"

On January 12, 2017, Master Del Pe and his cleanLIFETM Team in collaboration with the Mayor of Bauko, Mountain Province, Philippines, Dr. Abraham Akilit, proved that the long waited victory against the war on drugs isn't too far, as they successfully graduated 55 drug surrenderees in Bauko under Master Del Pe’s anti-vice and anti-addiction program, cleanLIFE.

cleanLIFE is an international program designed by Master Del Pe, which is implemented by his non-profit organization, MDP Foundation to help heal people with vices and addictions, so that they can stay out of trouble and have healthier and productive lives. Before introducing it to the Philippines, Master Del Pe successfully conducted cleanLIFE in Harris County Department of Corrections Jail in Houston, Texas where he rehabilitated many women convicts who were addicted to drugs and at Tihar Jail in New Delhi, India, which is inhabited by the most notorious convicts and is the largest prison complex in South Asia. Today, Master Del Pe brings cleanLIFE to the Philippines.

In response to President Duterte’s “War on Drugs”, Master Del Pe and Mayor Akilit launched the cleanLIFE program to help rehabilitate the 168 drug users and pushers who have surrendered to the Philippine National Police (PNP). Mayor Akilit and the Bauko Local Government Unit (LGU) selected 58 of these surrenderees in a pre-qualifying profiling from October 11 to November 6, 2016. Master Del Pe, the designer of the cleanLIFE program gave an orientation to the selected group and started the first healing and training on November 7, 2016. The last session of the cleanLIFE program’s first phase was held December 19, 2016 followed by the graduation of 55 out of the 58 participants who successfully finished the cleanLIFE program.

Many of the participants have gone home to their families and careers to experience their re-entry into their social roles. Those without work have been interviewed by employers for placement. During the last cleanLIFE session, Master Del Pe invited some potential employers to interview the jobless surrenderees. The employers were amazed by their performance, new attitude and vitality to such an extent that at least 15 participants were accepted to be hired on the spot when employers saw the positive outlook and vigor of the surrenderees after the last healing and rejuvenation session. All the efforts of 2 months have paid off. This is the real graduation and the proof of cleanLIFETM’s effectiveness and efficiency. Master Del Pe designed cleanLIFE to not only focus on the de-addiction process as the finished line but also the employability advantage and the positive change in the drug addicts’ inner values and character.

The Results in Bauko, Mountain Province

1. 100% of the participants did not consume drugs for the duration of the program, as self-reported and validated by a DOH accredited blood-test.
2. Negligible to minimal withdrawal symptoms were experienced by the participants.
3. 95% of the participants experienced more than significant improvement in their overall health and lifestyle condition.
4. 98% participants experienced more than significant improvement in their overall psychological well-being.
5. Significant positive changes experienced by the participants.
       * 100% of the participants noted that they experienced reduced cravings for drugs
       * 100% of the participants noted that they were able to reduce or stop taking drugs
       * 60 % of the participants noted that they were able to reduce or stop taking other addictive substances
       * 100% of the participants noted that they experienced improvement in the quality of their relationships
       * 100% of the participants noted that they experienced better emotional stability
       * 100% of the participants noted that they experienced more positive thoughts
       * 100% of the participants noted that they experienced better physical strength and vitality
       * 100% of the participants noted that their values and character had improved
6. 100% of the participants felt more prepared to go back to their regular life and overcome their addiction.
7. 98% would recommend the cleanLIFE program to any other drug users and pushers
8. No incidences of violence or aggressive behavior were noted for the entire duration of the cleanLIFE program.
9. 27% gained new employment immediately after graduating the cleanLIFE Program.

Download the report cleanLIFE Phase 1 Report Bauko 2016
Download the cleanLIFE Media Primer cleanLIFE Media Primer


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Praises for the cleanLIFE Project

"The cleanLIFE training has been so impressive because our target of rehabilitation was over a 6 months period, but we were able to do it in one and a half months! I am a witness; because every time there was a healing activity I joined it... and enjoyed it!
-Mayor Abraham Akilit, Bauko, Mountain Province

"I really observed that the people who underwent this program have really changed, and not only their behavior, but also their day-to-day activites - not only in their hygiene, but in how they will talk and show respect to people they encounter. We really recommend that the cleanLIFE Project will be the one who will cater again for the next batch."
- Luis Datangatan, Chief of Police, Bauko, Mountain Province

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Master Del Pe & cleanLIFE Pushing for Victory in the "War on Drugs" as They Commence Second Batch of cleanLIFE Participants

                                                       Master Del Pe

Master Del Pe, an American Citizen who just got back his Philippine dual citizenship, returned to the Philippines in July 2015, to contribute back to his country of birth and to the new government. So, he brought with him all his strategies, tool-kits and an arsenal of knowledge for the enhancement of the Filipino culture in order for the Philippines to become one of the most important contributing nations of the future. Master Del Pe believes in the capacity of the Filipino and the new Philippines to become a global player and an international game changer to build a new better world.