About Us

The MDP Foundation is a not-for-profit non-sectarian and non-political 501(c)(3) public charity. It is dedicated to serving humanity and the world with new paradigms and universal principles applying the best of Eastern Wisdom and modern philosophies with projects to prevent and/or correct the unnecessary suffering and loss of dignity in the human. Headquartered in USA and with its projects serving in several countries, it has 4 main objectives:

OBJECTIVE 1: To combat the major unresolved problems and human issues in the world using breakthrough ideas and strategies, applying the best of Eastern Wisdom and universal philosophies combined with Western Practicality. This can be accomplished with cost effective, often grassroots initiatives that can transform individuals and their communities.

OBJECTIVE 2: To bring a new way of culturing Humanity at the level of the masses in undeserved communities, from a civilized society to a world-class culture, whose higher purpose is guided with world service and universal values. This involves a new type of education that focuses on educating the human being and Soul of the child and youth, which is absent in present day education. Also, to help children get out of trouble with new strategies.

OBJECTIVE 3: To utilize the vast untapped potential of human power and talent using breakthrough ideas and strategies applying the best of Eastern Wisdom and universal philosophies with Western Practicality. This effort is collectively implemented under the World TalentSHARE and World WisdomBANK programs.

OBJECTIVE 4: To educate Humanity on the wholeEARTH Care philosophy with an understanding of the many planetary constitutions (such as the interdependence of the mineral, plant, animal, human and super-human existences), and the revelation of the invisible world and governing Divine Plan. This program will teach new as well as ancient principles and wisdom on the energy anatomy and spiritual psychology of the Earth and its constitution.


  Master Del Pe, MDP Foundation Founder

                                               "Service is an expression of inner
                                                 growth and development. It is the
                                                 muscle-building for virtues. It is 
                                                 the barometer of inner
                                                 development and spirituality."
                                          - Master Del Pe

Our Founder, Master Del Pe
  • Modern Sage and Life Mentor
  • Humanitarian and Social Transformer
  • World Founder of BE Well Science-Energy Medicine, a pioneering system that addresses health imbalances and improves the quality of life 
  • Master of Martial arts, 12 styles of meditation and 8 types of yoga 
  • Visionary educator 
  • Bestselling author and creator of several CDs and DVDs for self mastery and wellness
  • Life mentor to CEOs and top leaders globally