MDP Foundation Programs
The MDP Foundation's programs are geared to uplift and transform mainstream humanity and the underserved and combat the sins and afflictions of the mainstream and intelligentsia, which stem from vices, diseases, laziness and lack of higher purpose, lack or misuse of money and resources, poor education or upbringing, and many internal causes like negative karma from past lives. It also caters to the wealthy who have poverty of consciousness.
     The MDP Foundation applies the best practices and strategies of the BElife Institute for Higher Consciousness (BIHC) such as BEwell ScienceTM, Esoteric Psychology, Aquarian Martial Arts-Yoga Science (AMAYS), Spiritual Coaching and Life Mentoring designed by Master Del Pe to help transform the different levels of consciousness of people through both corrective and preventative measures.

MDP Foundation Programs
1.     wholeEARTH Care Program: to care for the planet and ecosystem
        as a living organism applying universal principles and wisdom
2.     World TalentSHARE & World WisdomBANK Program: to pool the
        skills of talented and experienced people, including retirees.
3.     wholeLIFE Education Program: training to educate the human
        being in the child and awaken the power of their Soul.
4.     Youth Empowerment Program: empowerment of children and
        youth to maximize their potential.
5.     Elderly Empowerment Program: Serving the needs of the older
        people, especially those who are sick, in pain or downtrodden.
6.     cleanLIFE Program: an anti-vice and anti-addiction program
        using BEwellscienceTM and PsychoEnergeticsTM.
7.     goodLIFE Program: an anti-laziness program applying Aquarian
        Martial Arts-Yoga Science (AMAYS).
8.     wellLIFE Program: an anti-disease program using BEwell
9.     harmonyLIFE Program: an anti-violence program using medita-
        tion and BEwellScienceTM energy medicine.
10.   enrichedLIFE Program: an anti-poverty consciousness program.
11.   HIV/AIDS Research Program (HARP): a program that brings great
        hope to HIV/AIDS sufferers.
12.   Compassion Fatigue Solutions Program: this offers prevention
        and treatment of compassion fatigue among caregivers.